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(15 Minutes)


Attendees have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with faculty members.

There will be a sign-up sheet at registration on Wednesday with the faculty member’s name and the available times he or she has for appointments. Just write your name in the space beside the 15-minute time slot you’d like to have. Make a note of that appointment to keep with you.

After Wednesday, the sign-up sheet will be in the conference room upstairs outside the appointment meeting rooms. If you decide you’d like to meet with someone you have not signed up with or want to change your time, please look for an available slot and put your name there.

15-Minute Appointment Etiquette

  1. Know what you plan to talk about.
  2. Know who the person is you’re talking with. Hint: read their bio or google them.
  3. Be aware of time and make sure your appt. doesn’t overlap someone else’s.  If the previous appt is running over their allotted time, move into the faculty member’s line of sight and step closer so they realize someone is waiting.
  4. If the faculty member is an editor, you may pitch your book to them. Have a short two sentence summary of your book plus a one-sheet if you have one. They will not have time to read your whole manuscript.
  5. Do not expect the person you’re meeting with to make a decision on the spot about buying your manuscript. If they’re interested, they may ask you to send them a proposal.
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