(15 Minutes)

Attendees have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with faculty members.

There will be a sign-up sheet at registration on Wednesday with the faculty member’s name and the available times he or she has for appointments. Just write your name in the space beside the 15-minute time slot you’d like to have. Make a note of that appointment to keep with you.

After Wednesday, the sign-up sheet will be in the conference room upstairs outside the appointment meeting rooms. If you decide you’d like to meet with someone you have not signed up with or want to change your time, please look for an available slot and put your name there.

15-Minute Appointment Etiquette

  1. Know what you plan to talk about.
  2. Know who the person is you’re talking with. Hint: read their bio or google them.
  3. Be aware of time and make sure your appt. doesn’t overlap someone else’s.  If the previous appt is running over their allotted time, move into the faculty member’s line of sight and step closer so they realize someone is waiting.
  4. If the faculty member is an editor, you may pitch your book to them. Have a short two sentence summary of your book plus a one-sheet if you have one. They will not have time to read your whole manuscript.
  5. Do not expect the person you’re meeting with to make a decision on the spot about buying your manuscript. If they’re interested, they may ask you to send them a proposal.

Faculty Available for Appointments

Make the most of your one-on-one time by studying what each person would like to talk to you about during your appointment time with them.

Patricia Durgin, Talk Show Host
A website review, A social media review, Helping with *Lead Magnet ideas, General marketing ideas. General online course creation.

Tessa Emily Hall, Author/Agent
Tessa will be taking pitches for Cyle Young Literary Elite and Illuminate YA. For CYLE, she is looking to represent non-fiction projects for both the Christian and general markets. This includes devotionals, Christian Living, and self-help. She is not interested in memoirs. For Illuminate YA, Tessa is interested in YA projects that are geared toward the general market and encompass all sub-genres (except horror and LGBTQ+). She will consider MG fiction for Illuminate as well.

John Herring, Publisher

  • For nonfiction, we are primarily looking for Christian living titles on spiritual growth, leadership, topics related to men, women, and social issues, and Bible studies. Books must have a strong reader takeaway, with sections that thoroughly guide and instruct readers on how to apply the concepts in each book to their own lives. We are particularly interested in millennials, generation X and Z. We also have a desire to serve churches and Christian communities we consider “grace-inspired.”   More information is available at
  • For fiction, we are primarily looking for the genres of women’s fiction, suspense/romantic suspense, and visionary. All novels should be told with a Christian worldview and end with a sense of hope for the future.  More information is available at

Bob Hostetler, Author/Agent

In its fifteen-plus years of existence, The Steve Laube Agency has represented more than 1,500 new books from Christian authors. Currently staffed by four agents (Steve Laube, Tamela Hancock Murray, Dan Balow, and Bob Hostetler), it represents the highest standards and quality in Christian fiction and nonfiction.

While the agency as a whole represents nearly everything, Bob is interested in:

  • Fiction: contemporary, historical, mystery, romance, suspense, thriller. Selected children’s books.
  • Nonfiction: Nearly all topics written from a Christian perspective – business and leadership, contemporary issues and current events, Christian living, devotionals, humor, marriage and family, parenting, prayer, spiritual growth, teens/young adult, women’s nonfiction.

As a rule, Bob is not looking for:

  • Fiction: fantasy, horror, science fiction, speculative fiction (those are Steve’s strange affliction).
  • Nonfiction: cookbooks and  poetry.

Reagan Jacksoneditor 
We’ll be taking pitches for fiction and trade nonfiction. For fiction, we’re most interested in the suspense, romantic suspense, speculative, and women’s fiction genres. For nonfiction, we’re interested in personal growth, Bible studies, and spiritual growth. No memoirs or devotionals at this time.

Susan King, Editor
Will look at your devotionals and articles. Ask her about the next project for the series, Short and Sweet.

Julie Lavender, Author
Will look at your newspaper stories, devotionals, or stories for Guideposts magazine.

Jill Lord, Author
Whole picture book or first 1500 words of a chapter book.

Susan Neal, Author
Susan will answer questions about self-publishing.

James Watkins, Author
James will be happy to meet with you and review your nonfiction articles, book proposals, devotions and humor.

Denise Weimer, Author/Editor
Denise will be taking pitches for all lines of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas with a focus on historicals. She will also take pitches for contemporary romance and women’s fiction.

Lenora Worth, Author
Lenora will be happy to talk to people who are serious about writing commercial fiction.

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