Several of our faculty members have offered to do a limited number of critiques.

The charge for each critique is $25. Deadline for submission is March 10, but slots are limited, so don’t wait too long to send yours in.

Please send your work to one of the following people based on the type of writing you are doing. Be sure to put your name and Blue Lake at the top. Schedule an appt. with the individual when you get to the retreat to go over your work in person.

Tessa Hall – MG (Middle Grade) and YA (Young Adult), novels and non-fiction, but no memoirs or Bible studies. Up to 1500 words.

Bob H – Nonfiction or fiction manuscripts up to 1500 words, or book proposal with one chapter included.

Denise Weimer – 1500-2000 words. Include a synopsis if you would like feedback on the plotting and direction of your novel. Historical fiction or historical romance preferred; will also take contemporary romance novels.  Send by March 1.

Lenora Worth – First chapter and synopsis of a romance novel – contemporary or historical.

Jill Lord – Children’s, fiction or nonfiction.  Send the whole picture book or first 1500 words of a chapter book..

Susan King – devotionals and magazine articles. Send entire piece.

James Watkins – nonfiction books and articles, humor and devos. Up to 1000 words.

Kim Sawyer – Historical or contemporary women’s fiction/romance or YA; opening chapter or up to 2000 words.

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