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Several of our faculty members have offered to do critiques of your work before the retreat.

The charge for each critique is $25. Deadline for submission is April 15, but slots are limited, so don’t wait too long to send yours in.

Please send your work to one of the following people based on the type of writing you are doing. Be sure to put your name and Blue Lake at the top. Schedule an appt. with the individual when you get to the retreat to go over your work in person.


Connie Stevens – Send 10 pgs. maximum, double spaced, one inch margin, as an attachment to

Eva Marie Everson – Send 5 pgs, max, double spaced, one inch margin, hard copy, to 504 Spoonbill Ct., Winter Springs, FL 32708

Non Fiction:

Michelle Medlock Adams – will review articles, children’s board books, proposals as an attachment to

James Watkins – Send 10 pg. max, double spaced, one inch margin to

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