An Eye-opening Experience

//An Eye-opening Experience

An Eye-opening Experience

By Alice Murray

It was a no brainer for me to recognize that, if I wanted to be an attorney, I had to go to law school. But when it came to me wanting to be a writer, I was initially resistant to the idea of attending a writers’ retreat. Why did I need to attend Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat (BLCWR), I naively thought? I already knew how to write. I’d had articles published and been told that I write well. Although skeptical of the value of the opportunity, I finally broke down and registered to attend BLCWR. That choice was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

Being in the picturesque setting at Blue Lake Camp gave me the opportunity to reflect on the whole idea of writing. The absence of the hustle and bustle of everyday life allowed me to be still and consider that writing is a God-given talent. God had a purpose for gifting me with that talent. What did He want me to do with my talent? How could I be a good steward of it?

BLCWR offered exactly what I needed to develop as a writer. First and foremost, the praise and worship sessions each day connected me to God. What better source for finding out what to do with His gift to me than connecting with Him and listening for His direction?  Second, the retreat offered the opportunity to be a good steward of my talent by improving it. Classes and workshops offered by seasoned and experienced writers imparted invaluable tips, guidance, and suggestions. Third, the small nature of the retreat allowed for me to interact on more than just a superficial level with other attendees and faculty members. The connections I made at the retreat led to friendships, encouragement, and writing opportunities.

The positive impact of having attended BLCWR was beyond what I could have imagined. I thank God that He provided me with the chance to attend the retreat and that He did not let my silly idea that I didn’t have much to gain from doing so prevent me from going. I can’t wait to be at the 2019 BLCWR because I am certain God has more wonderful things in store for me as I go down the writing path which He has directed me. BLCWR is the write and the right place to be!


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