Why Practicum?

//Why Practicum?

Why Practicum?
Eva Marie Everson

Have you ever gone to a writers conference and seen the class or workshop—often called a practicum—where the conferees had to sign up ahead of time? Yeah, those are the ones … the ones where someone with a little know-how gathers eight to ten writers who often tremble as they enter through “the door” for the first time. They’ve brought in a sample of their work. Double-spaced. Line-numbered. One-inch margins all around. They’ve followed the leader’s instructions to the letter. At least, they hope they have.

But, when they leave … oh, when they leave … when the conference is done and the last goodbyes and giggles and whoops echo in the vacant hallways of the venue … they leave knowing exactly why they took the chance. The leave with a mission. With a vision. With a greater understanding of what their work is supposed to be when it grows up. They leave glowing under the praises of what they did right, even if they were not aware of it when they arrived.

So, what exactly happens at these “practicums”? And why should you consider signing up?

In my fiction practicum, we dig in. We don’t talk in abstracts, but instead look directly at your manuscript. We talk about the things that work. The things that don’t. We take the building blocks of your story and grow a book. We share with one another, bounce ideas around, find a path and then take it. We look specifically at dialogue … at character arc … at plot points … at beginnings and middle and ends.

We bond.

Now, there’s a reason why we take only a select number (only eight). We want to make sure all the time needed is there. That no one walks away “hungry,” (other than hungering for more days such as these). So, if you are a fiction writer who is ready for this next step, I hope you will consider joining the fiction practicum I’m offering at the Blue Lake Writers Retreat. You’ll have to email me to ensure your spot (and eight spots will fill up quickly). If you make it in, I promise you an experience you’ll treasure. And, possibly, chocolate.

To ensure your placement, email: PenNHnd@aol.com
Place: Blue Lake Fiction Practicum in the subject line (this is very important)

Hope to see you there!

Eva Marie Everson
Blue Lake Practicum Leader

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